Physical & emotional health is the 2 most important things in life! The Aura Scanning report & Selina’s amazing accuracy in her reading offer me an excellent balance to my mind, body & spirit! The Aura Energizer is something to reckon with! It heightened my aura, provides clarity & focus……This is what I need…”

Jason Chee
Winner Manhunt Asia 2012
Owner, Abvolution Gym

“I am very amazed by the accuracy of the AVS and Selina’s aura consultation…its like getting a internal health report! And The Sacred Energy oil blend is an excellent aura booster & evoke a feeling of calm & peace in me…”

Glynis Tan
Winner Mrs Singapore 2010

“I am very impressed by the ‘live’ chakra details of the AVS’s & the level of accuracy of Selina’s aura consultation. Her knowledge & clarity in her reading holistically address the various aspects of our life! I strongly encourage those seeking answers to consider having an aura consultation. The Aura Energiser rejuvenates me in a short while & raises my energy level…..I recommend anyone who has tight schedules to try this!”

Mike Chua
Reiki Master, Wellness Mastery

‘The Aura Energizer is amazingly fast in enhancing & optimising my energetic resources & wellbeing. Thank you for the wonderful essence..’

N. Roman Healer/Counsellor/Teacher

“I came without any expectations but I am leaving with anticipations. I hope to lean more and come back.”

Tan Joolee, Therapist

“It’s very accurate and speak right through my heart.”

Rachele Lee, Financial Consultant

“Was greeted warmly by Selina who immediately gave an accurate account of my current mental state. Very impressed & I will recommend interested friends.”

Emily, Senior Executive

“Very accurate and informative. Describes exactly what I am going through now and enable me to be more aware of myself and surroundings.”

Joey Ho Jun Xian, Director

“Today I have the most amazing experience with the aura scanning system by being able to witness my own energy level and see myself. But the most amazing next big thing is this. I was given a drop of Aura Energizer and took a second scan. When I saw my second scan, I was blown away by the big improvement of my energy and aura level. The Aura Energizer is a MUST BUY ITEM.”

Lucy Theodas, Social Entrepreneur

“Informative & enriching. Gives me a different perspective but at the same time so accurate about my mental and physical state.”

“What an excellent experience! Thank you for the insight! Such a lovely, warm reader.”

Michelle Martin, Media Personality

“Fantastic brilliant insight into me, thanks so much for the advice.”

Elaine Lim, Design Director

“Awesome consultation.”

Fairoz, Civil Servant

“Good and very informative for me to improve my life.”

Nora Zortan, Admin Director

“Thank you the love and light, for what I learned about myself. Thank you that you were there. I am very touched and very grateful. See you again. (I’m not trying to be nice!)

Maltilalwani, Executive

“It is an eye-opener session. A lot of issues was discussed. Hope to have another session soon.”

Regina Nathan, Sales Director

“Yes, enjoyed the information and the energy. Very healing and positive.”

Emma Savage, Creative Director

“Wonderful and supportive experience. Selina was very knowledgeable and patient – definitely recommended”

Dominic White, HR Director

“Explain! Excellent, very experience, contact with sense. Strongly recommend friends to visit Selina. (Passion with heart) Om ma ni pad me hum."

David Yeo, Businessman

“It’s very revealing and accurate. Let me understand some things that I’ve always been suspecting but have acknowledge until I’ve heard from you. Confirming what I’ve always been suspecting. This report definitely help me make my decision faster starting from now. In time to come I’ll do this again hoping to see improvement from Selina’s advice.”

Larain Tan, Project Manager

“Very accurate and good insight of my personality! Selina does great in explaining the different chakra colours and which are my strong/weak aspects. And hopefully this will help in my career and personal development.”

Chee Yong Li, Executive

“Thank you for providing clarity around my energy, spirits towards life and need for engaging my family too. I will look to consult aura with you more in the future, regards.”

Ketan Samani, Bank Manager

“You make a perfect guide, may your mission be accomplished with lots of peace & harmony.

Nidhi Samani, Homemaker

“May this place have their cup of wealth overflowing & “ponding” in this place. All my doubt cleared because of Selina. Thank you.”

Issiah, Assistant Engineer

“Wonderful. I will walk away with good information to use in changing my life for the better."

Beverley Hargis, Housewife

“The aura reading was very accurate. It closely reflected who I am and who I feel will. Will definitely recommend to others."

Saurav Bhatia, Banker

“The readings were accurate and contains very useful insights. I really appreciate the keen observations and examples that go a long way to illustrate a point/reading."

Ken Leong, Designer

“Interesting and an eye-opener. Know myself better and how to improve. Will definitely come back for more.”

Sakinah, Student

“Lovely. I felt absolutely at peace after the aura consultation. Comfortable and complete. Great!”

Shhanya, Tarot Reader

“I will spread the word!”

Mirjana Power, Reiki Master

“Indeed an eye opening report and consultation on the analysis of my personality and characteristics.”

Terine Toh, Project & Property Manager

“I find the aura report and consultation very comprehensive and helpful in understanding my current condition physically, emotionally like the chakra size and explanation”

Yvonne Mun, Business Controller

“Session was interesting, revealing and soothing. It was a great experience talking with Selina as she whole-heartedly shared her knowledge regarding auras, essential oils and crystals.”

Aparna Agagwal, IT Project Manager

“Very informative & useful. Will recommend it to my clients. ;-)”

Pratima Nagaraj, Hypnotherapist

“Absolutely insightful consultation! Definitely coming back for more!!”

Amelia, Oracle Card Reader

“It’s amazingly true!!!”

Maggie Ang, Sales Director


John Tan, Techie

“Selina has sharp intuitive insights that bring truth to consciousness. Thanks!”

Chin Pheng, Event Manager

Interesting insight. Thank you for your intuitive advise!”

Kaw Kian Yan, Photographer

“Interesting findings with some surprising truths. The readings are very accurate.”

Stacey Rodrigues, Journalist

“Absolutely loved it! Very accurate readings, excellent consultant who made the session comfortable, light-hearted & communicated readings positively. Will be bringing my family and close friends for this valuable session. Thank you Selina!"

Vanessa, Banker

Very insightful reading that made me understand a lot more about myself. Will definitely help me in my career, life and interpersonal relationships. Selina explains all the chakras very well. Thank you for the in depth analysis.”

Pamela Tan, Assistant Editor


Tobcas Fouler Oates, Solicitor

“A fantastic experience. Will definitely be recommending this to friends, colleagues and clients. Many thanks for the opportunity.”

Kristen Chen, Beauty Writer

"In March a student of mine took me to a new shop in the Siglap shopping centre (on the 2nd floor – take the escalator and it is on your left). I will have to be forever grateful for that. The shop is called The AuraChakra Company and it is run by Selina and Vincent. Ever since I have been there I have sent Reiki friends and students there, took my kids there and told all other friends about it. If you have ever wanted to know what your aura looks like and how balanced (or not) your chakras are then you really have to visit this place. Selina has a wealth of knowledge and she will tell you where you are in life and what you need to look out for – which chakras need extra care and which chakras are doing quite well. Looking at the aura she can even tell you in what type of profession you are.

The aura will also tell if you are perhaps meant to do something else… You also receive a folder with a 22 page report explaining the state of your aura and chakras, so you can go home and read about it! The cost for this amazing (and possibly life changing) amount of information is SGD48. That includes 2 pictures – one of your aura, one of your chakras, a22 page report and about half an hour consultation where the report is being explained to you. I say life changing because you might find out some information that was new to you (like I did with my daughter), you might hear that it is time to be brave enough to let go of old structures you are unhappy with and start listening to your heart!

You can also take your children there. It does not have to be just for you!


And many more ...


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