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 After one year's wait, the fan-favourite Supercharged Prosperity Energy Pyramid is finally back again! Limited Stocks Only!

Power-Packed with high frequency and powerful prosperity generating minerals and crystals, the Prosperity Energy Pyramid influences the energy of the environment by attracting very high level of positive energies into its environment thereby eliminating all negative energies and magnetising positive energies of prosperity and abundance into your space.

*As all Pyramids are hand-made by the Guru, there may be uneven surfaces– That is a part of the manufacturing process, will not affect the energies of the Pyramid.


100mm Supercharged Pyramid



For the first time ever, we have received limited pieces of Prosperity Energy Pyramid with a base of 100mm!

Each 100mm Pyramid has an energetic coverage of up to 2,500 square feet.
45mm – 100mm Supercharged Prosperity Energy Pyramids

Supercharged Prosperity Energy Pyramid consists of:

“The nine powerful gemstones embedded in our exclusively produced Prosperity Energy Pyramid for our customers has an extremely high level of frequency to attract positive energies.”
– The Energy Alchemist

The gemstones are: 
  1. Ruby
  2. Natural Pearl
  3. Red Coral
  4. Emerald
  5. Yellow Sapphire
  6. Diamond
  7. Blue Sapphire
  8. Hessonite
  9. Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
These Supercharged Pyramids produce and spread amazing Positive Energy within minutes wherever they are kept. They are considered to be the most powerful in the world, as the Positive energy levels generated by these Pyramids matches a Bovis Energy level of more than 3,500,000 Angston Units.

Negative energies are immediately driven out and the place is filled with Positive Energy, bringing in Luck and Prosperity. The premise is automatically corrected of any negative energy or energy imbalance.

Popular locations to place the Supercharged Prosperity Energy Pyramid

Excellent for HOMES, OFFICES, COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL buildings and businesses. Individuals in these premises can also greatly benefit from these Powerful Pyramids.

You can place the Prosperity Energy 
Pyramid anywhere, typically facing the entrance of your home or office. In certain cases, clients may opt to place it in the South-West direction of his home or office to strategically draw and connect positive energies.

Each pyramid can cover a range between 400-2500 square feet (depending on size, 45mm-100mm).

Office desk

Placing the Prosperity Energy Pyramid on your office desk will greatly improve the energies of the entire office. Improve your focus, and any communications that happen in the space. Instantly corrects any negative or low energies.

Entrance of your company

The Prosperity Energy Pyramid is an excellent 'protector' to shield against low energies attempting to enter your company. Boosts attraction of positive energies such as opportunities and many more!

Entrance of your home

The Prosperity Energy Pyramid greatly improves the harmony of your sacred space. Reduces quarrels and boosts clarity and focus.

Personal bag / handbag

The Prosperity Energy Pyramid is an excellent personal protector for your travels! Helps to balance your energies on the go, and improves positivity throughout the day!

Factories / Warehouses 

The Prosperity Energy Pyramid greatly improves the synergy between the workers present. Protects space against malicious intentions and helps boost the focus of the team.
Prosperity Energy Pyramid produces an extremely high level of frequency that helps with your energies – aura & chakra balancing.

Loved by worldwide customers!

Excellent feedback from our customers:

"I have a very nice feeling of wind around my shoulder and it's like feeling a lot of money around me!" 
– An overseas customer who was not told of the name or the properties of the Prosperity Energy Pyramid.

"Ever since getting the Prosperity Energy Pyramid, my life has been full of abundance & opportunities! Energetically-wise, I feel more motivated & grounded to achieve my desired goals. And it really shows that Abundance will come to you when your internal energies are aligned for Prosperity – I've since gotten a pay raise, awesome opportunities for further self-development!"
– Ms Tan Y. 

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