*Exclusive! Navapashanam Gold Therapy
For Your Health, Wealth & Abundance!

EXPERIENCE the awakening of your inner self, the most ancient alchemical gem revered for its properties for inner transformation, longevity and abundance.


Known as the 'elixir of life' and 'fountain of youth', Navapashanam's highly acclaimed 'magical' formula was closely guarded for thousands of years and many people, even in the holy land of India find it hard to come across genuine and authentic Navapashanam bead.

The Navapashanam has been revered and prized for its magical and regenerative abilities. This rare and almost lost gem from ancient siddha gurus is highly concentrated in high cosmic energy.

We are truly blessed and honoured to be bestowed with this responsibility and opportunity to share and connect with as many people as possible and allow them to experience the transformation with Navapashanam

If you've been connected with Navapashanam and are curious about it's history, healing and abundance properties, this is an awesome opportunity for you to connect with the acclaimed elixir of life.

Experience a 45 minutes indulgence into a dimension of awakening and transformation of your inner blueprint.

How does Navapashanam Gold Therapy™ (NGT) Work?

Your 45 minutes Navapashanam Gold Therapy™ will begin with you receiving your first BioEnergyScan to record your current energies, which includes your aura size, your state of chakras, your stress levels, your emotional meter & much more.

You will be guided to an Auric Cleansing using High Vibrational Frequency (HVF) Aura Energizer GOLD to create a strong and calm equilibrium for you.

The moment that you're waiting for! Hold the Navapashanam bead, specially made by the Master Alchemist for this therapy, and experience the high cosmic energies and high vibrations of the sacred bead.

Enjoy the Navapashanam Resonance Therapy with a guided meditation and visual journey of affirmations.


(optional) A charged Navapashanam water will be available upon request.

You will complete the whole experience with Navapashanam GOLD elixir approved by master Alchemist to deeply connect and harmonise your mind, body and soul.

You will be shown the after result via the BioEnergyScan.(Results vary for different individuals, they seek to show you your energies by means of information, not as a result or comparison.)

Navapashanam Gold Elixir™

Receive a 5ml bottle of **Navapashanam Gold Elixir for daily use to further boost your inner energy blueprint and power your positive energy into a whole new level. 

Navapashanam bead is an alchemical bead formulated more than 5,000 years ago by divine Siddha master guru who believe that the energy it releases will eradicate human sufferings from unforeseen diseases.

Navapashanam bead can only be used to wear or put into water to drink* (disclaimer applies) and many have benefited and experienced amazing results in term of good health, inner balance and abundance.

With the permission of Siddha master guru, we have created the **Navapashanam Gold Elixir to further boost your inner energy blueprint and power your positive energy into a whole new level. 

**Navapashanam GOLD Elixir comes in a 5ml bottle and it's NOT FOR SALE. The bottle will be offered free (usual price of $60) to individuals who make an appointment for Navapashanam GOLD Therapy (NGT), the supply is enough to last for 30 days.

Now at special launch price of $60 (U.P. $99)

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