We are The AuraChakra Company, the leading specialist in expanding human potential since 2008– trusted by corporates for helping their team & clients achieve more confidence, focus & productivity with Breakthrough Corporate Gifts. 


The AuraChakra Company is a place where ancient wisdom is made accessible, easy to understand and most importantly applicable to the 21st century multi-hyphenates.

It has become the trusted place, and the leading expert in helping CEOs, corporates to discover & expand their human potentials via our services & solutions.


Uplift & Boost Confidence
For Your Team & Clients With A Fun & Engaging Experience

"The Aura Scanning & Report was engaging & the team had so much fun... most importantly, they were able to reach a deeper understanding of themselves & work better with each other. Teamwork & sales has improved this immediate week after the session."
– Alexis, Sales Executive



The Aura Scanning & 22-page PDF Report is the best way to boost your team's confidence by tapping into their hidden potentials! Our Breakthrough technology allows an instant reveal into your team's personalities & strengths to help increase their motivation & efficiency! 

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Instantly Energize Your Team's Positivity & Focus
With All Natural & Premium Artisan Solutions

"I diffuse the High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energizers daily in my office and my clients love the energizing smell! My employees feel more focused & motivated whenever they use the energizers!"
Austin, Managing Director



With constant stresses of work, it can be hard to maintain positivity & focus throughout the workday– our High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energizers are the trusted solutions to instantly Power Up your team's  Positivity, Motivation, Charisma, Connection & Manifestation energies! The Artisan Solutions are trusted by CEOs & Celebrities worldwide to stay energised & positive throughout their day!

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Enhance Your Team's Wellness & Abundance
With Breakthrough Quantum Solutions

"I am a big believer in the laws of attraction. QuantumEasy’s products and programs have enhanced my personal energy forcefield; paving the way for brilliant new possibilities and opportunities. Living up to my highest potential is so much easier now."
Nicolas Travis, Forbes 30 Under 30



Imagine if your team isn't held back by issues such as insomnia, back aches, lack of vitality...The efficiency would see an immediate boost.
With QuantumEasy's Breakthrough Quantum solutions, holistic wellness and a state of abundance is now possible without pills, drugs & chemicals!

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