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Black Tourmaline Chunk

Black Tourmaline is one of the best crystals for protection, making it a powerful way for how to protect yourself from negative energy.

It also helps to put an energetic boundary between yourself and others, so that you don’t pick up other people’s energy, then making it your own. Its one thing to be loving, compassionate and caring to others, but its another to make someone else’s energy your own—to the point of making you feel depressed, anxious or left with no energy.

*The look and size of the chunks may vary. 

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Black Tourmaline

A stone of protection and grounding

One of the most protective stones that cannot only protect the user from negative energies of others, it also clears the user’s negative thoughts, dissolving tension and stress.



Benefits of the stone:


Chakra: Root Chakra

  • Produces strong inner concentration during mediation
  • Liberates and protects against negative influences on the user’s body


  • Alleviates muscular pains and inflammation of joints and bones
  • Heals arthritis, cancerous growths and radiation sickness
  • Protects against dyslexia


  • Promotes self confidence and the attainment of the user’s goals in life
  • Protects against mistrust, jealously and envy

*The look and size of the chunks may vary. 


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