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Golden Libyan tektite (Big)

Golden Libyan tektite

The mystic's awakening

They guard you against any negative psychic energy being deposited in the solar plexus or in any other area of the body. This is a helpful stone for those who feel that they do not belong on this earth, and who feel they may originate from elsewhere in the universe.

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Golden Libyan tektite

The mystic's awakening

Approximately 28.5 million years ago in the Saharan desert between Libya and Egypt fell down a golden yellow meteorite. Libyan Gold Tektite or Libyan Desert Glass is a meteorite colored golden-yellow, often white to transparent, sometimes greenish gray. The outer texture is gently smooth with occasional small holes and depressions, sometimes resembling the lunar surface.

It is a very pure form of Tektite with the highest meteoric made Silicon content (98%). This specific stone has stored inside a frequency of golden light, which influences mainly on the third and the fourth energy center. Egyptian pharaohs and their priests wore meteorite in the region of the heart, because vibration is consistent with these two centers. It works similarly as Tektite, mainly on the third energy center - plexus solaris; it increases your will to do good and relaxes your body and mind.

Golden light vibration brings to your life abundance and prosperity. If your intentions come from your heart and you live for the greater good it can also bring you money. It also has a strong effect on the first and the second energy center and is a good tool for all abdominal problems - especially helps to heal irritable bowel syndrome. It can be used in meditation to explore the information contained from our previous lives. It works also as avatar to access the Akashic records.

The stones contain the code to achieve forgiveness of karmic debt from past lives. If worn for a longer period it has a strong influence on every individual. You can expect increased consciousness. Like the star stone Tektite it works protectively, it creates a field of protection around its user.


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