Aura & Chakra Deep Dive Discovery (30mins) Maximize

Aura & Chakra Deep Dive Discovery (30mins)

This is for you if you would like to know the following:

• Are you radiating success or attracting problems with your energetic field?
• What energies are you giving out everyday at work, in your relationships and in your spiritual development?

Having done more than 30 000 readings worldwide for CEOs, Celebrities, Leaders etc, Selina Seah has the expertise and is known to be the best in her field to tell you about your Aura and Chakras in just a matter of seconds.

Not only will you be able to know what your Aura is telling the world about you, Selina Seah will be able to tell you the story of your inner world. What you have been holding in your energy field, your emotions and your thoughts. Too many people today are searching for the gold outside, without realizing that they have the gold within them. We attract what we are rather than what we want.


*Skype sessions are also available

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The session begins with Selina Seah doing an energy scan of your energetic body. An Aura and Chakra reading is really not predictive of future events, but it can give clients a clear and concise picture of their energy and emotional blueprint. For example, if you are going through a toxic relationship or having a rough time in your career, your aura colour will likely be dull and dark.

You will find out what your aura colours are and more importantly what information it is carrying about you.

Selina Seah will help you identify any opportunities or blockages within your energy field and suggest ways to raise your vibrations to get your aura and chakras back into balance.

The Session with Selina Seah is fun yet encapsulating with deep knowledge of YOU. With ease and her ability to bring clarity to your deepest invisible feelings, Selina Seah reveals your true energetic blueprint to you, layer by layer. It is a session for self-exploration and growth.

You will receive also a 22page detailed report plus a 20minute Chakra Energizing Therapy (CET) after your session with Selina Seah. (The 20minute CET will be done after the 30minute consultation)


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