Business Breakthrough Consultation (50mins) Maximize

Business Breakthrough Consultation (50mins)

This is for you if you would like to achieve the following:

Have a successful & thriving business?
• Make business decisions with accuracy & speed?
• Let your business go from ‘invisible’ to ‘invincible’?
• Unleash your powerful acumen for your business success?

*Skype sessions are also available

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The difference between entre’POOR’nuer to ‘Rich’trepreneurs is not huge - it could be a thin line yet a defining one. Successful entrepreneurs will tell you that patience, hard work, and courage got them to where they are today. There is much more.

People who rise to the top of the game have much in common.

The key to a successful and THRIVING business is to have business acumen. Business acumen is an undeniable but perhaps the least talked about skill in all great entrepreneurs. It is the ability to strategize and make decisions with laser accuracy and speed.

Being a award-winning entrepreneur herself, and having written a book with 9 extraordinary entrepreneurs –‘ The Success DNA of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs’, plus her intuitive flair for showing you different perspectives and views of your business, Selina Seah is well sought after for her no-nonsense yet laser-sharp ability to help you go from invisible to invincible in your business.

Selina Seah is a strong advocate that entrepreneurship is all about knowing yourself first, then the business. It is inevitable that even the best entrepreneurs may find themselves in challenging situations. Often people work in their business for too long to really understand how to work ON their business.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to show you your blind-spots and get the clutter out of the blueprint so that you can be in alignment with your business, inside-out again. Selina Seah will help you unleash your powerful acumen for your business success and ideas. She understands the ins and outs of being in a business, but more importantly, she is passionate in helping people create turnarounds and achieve a successful business that is thriving and enjoyable.


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