Money Mindset Breakthrough Consultation (50mins) Maximize

Money Mindset Breakthrough Consultation (50mins)

This is for you if you would like to understand the following:

• What colour is your Money Blueprint?
• Why knowing your colour personality can attract more abundance in your life?
• How your energies affect your relationship with money and investing styles?
• How to get the right mindset for abundance?

*Skype sessions are also available

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“Money is an object, Wealth is a mindset and Abundance is a state of being.” – Spike Humer

Do you have to work long and hard for your money or are you having a comfortable balance in your life? Are you worrying about money issues or you have more than enough money for everything?

People say many things about money. Some say that it is the root of all evil, others say that it cannot buy happiness. Yet we all want money and when we do get it, we want more.

Most people have a relationship with money that is either based on the need to survive, fear or greed. This however is not the way that truly wealthy people view it.

We live in an energy world therefore everything has energy including money. In fact money has a unique energy because of its value. It can bring joy and excitement or deep depression. It has the ability to make dreams come true and give us the lifestyle that we want.

There is a constant flow between the energy inside us and the energy world around us. This flow is a two-way street. We receive energy from the world around as and we release energy into that world.

The truth is, money is a visible reflection of that energy exchange.

We attract what we are, and not what we want. Are you attracting abundance or struggles?


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