Eagle’s Club Breakthrough Consultation (50mins) Maximize

Eagle’s Club Breakthrough Consultation (50mins)

This is for you if you would like to achieve the following:

• Have you got enough influence in your life to impact your team?
• Do you feel intimidated having to work with people ‘more’ powerful than you?
• Are you the eagle that’s feeling like a pigeon instead?
• Do you feel uncertain amidst the speed of events and changes that is happening?
• Are you getting a bad hunch that no one’s going to have your back?

*Skype sessions are also available

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What is the No.1 skill, leaders today would need?

It’s a tough question. Is this ‘skill’ based on character or strategy?

When your leadership has both character and strategy within it, you become a game changer with the No.1 SKILL-the skill of ‘INFLUENCE’.

The world’s best leaders, negotiators, speakers, they all have this one thing in common- the ability to influence a large group of people to listen to them, to support them and to do (literally) anything for them.

What about you?

Get back the eagle’s clarity and speed with Selina Seah. In the consultation with her, Selina will help unblock your obstacles to being a person of influence in your workplace.

Whether you are wanting to raise your own ambition to achieve results or wanting to know how to rise above the current uncertainty, Selina is able to help create a breakthrough through her consultation where she will help you see with greater clarity and bring back the sharpness in executing your strategies and brilliance at work.

Includes a 20 minutes Fly High Eagle Therapy. (The Therapy will be done after the Breakthrough Consultation.)


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