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Office Energizer Kit

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Office Energizer Kit (OEK) consists of: 
1. Protection & Grounding Energiser
2. Aura Energiser 
3. Charisma & Love Energizer

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The Office Energizer Kit includes these High Vibrational Frequency (HVF) Energizers to supercharge your impact in your office: 

1. Aura Energizer:
Your daily warrior for anyone who desires to have positivity & attract great opportunities! The Aura Energizer is a powerful yet gentle blend to cleanse any fatigue, negativity that may be stuck to your aura & raises your vibrations instantly to attract abundance!

2. Protection & Grounding Energizer
Your loyal protector for maximum protection and instant shielding of negative energies! A powerful formula to dispel negativity, fear & anxiety. This oil also works to block psychic attacks, shielding you from various forms of negativity to bring back a sense of security, peace & confidence.

3. Charisma & Love Energizer
Your charm potion to instantly boost attraction and enhance relationships! The vibrations of the oil works well in increasing self confidence, popularity and charisma. A beautiful and sensual aroma to enjoy anytime.

All HVF Energizers are a special formulation by the Energy Alchemist since 2008


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