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Travel Energizer Kit

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With the travel season in the house, so many of us are busy planning our next trip – be it a holiday or business trip, it's important to stay energized and charged for maximum focus and fun during your trip!

Many customers feedback that they often end up being too jet-lagged, drained, grounded or fatigued during their travels and miss out the opportunities that come along! 

If you have a similar issue, we have packed an exclusive Protection Travelling Kit that will be of great help for your next trip:

Travel Energizer Kit (TEK) consists of:
1. Protection & Grounding Energiser
2. Aura Energiser 
3. Healing Heart Energizer

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Travel Energiser Kit (TEK) consists of: 

1. Protection & Grounding Energizer
A powerful formula for dispelling any negative energies, fear and anxiety that often comes with travelling through customs, long flights... You can apply the Protection & Grounding Energizer for instant grounding and protection against negative energies!

2. Aura Energizer 
Our Best-Seller that many CEOs, Celebrities use daily to energize their aura. The festive season often brings a lot of extra work to clear before a good trip, and the Aura Energizer will be your personal energy booster to ensure you stay charged and positive!

3. Healing Heart Energizer 
A soothing concoction that is excellent for a good night's rest. Packed with healing properties, The Healing Heart Energizer unblocks and heals any emotional blockages, soothing the soul.


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