5x GOLD HVF Energizer 30ml Maximize

5x GOLD HVF Energizer 30ml

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Charisma & Love GOLD:
Indulge in this alluring concoction created to elevate attraction energies and enhance relationships.
Powered with the frequency of pure gold, the vibrations of the oil works well in increasing self confidence, popularity and charisma. A beautiful and sensual aroma to enjoy anytime. 

Aura Energizer GOLD:
Powered with Nature’s Essence, Charged with Crystal Energies, Secured with Affirmation, the Aura Energizer GOLD is an excellent aura booster that helps to cleanse & energise your aura. It protects you by creating a sacred space around you and sealed it with powerful healing energies. It only takes 1 min to cleanse your entire energy field.

Wealth Energizer GOLD:
A rich blend, powered with pure gold, is specially formulated to create high vibrations of wealth & abundance. Energize, influence and impact your aura with this rich scent to attract and manifest your abundance today.

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