Period Easy Stick-On App (SOA) U.P. $80- NOW $65 Maximize

Period Easy Stick-On App (SOA) U.P. $80- NOW $65

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Relieve • Rebalance • Restore

Relieves menstrual cramps and helps regulate menstrual cycle for a more comfortable period.

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Period Easy

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Relieve • Rebalance • Restore

Relieves menstrual cramps and helps regulate menstrual cycle for a more comfortable period.

How to use: 

Stick 1 SOA on the Guan Yuan acupuncture point (around 4 fingers down from your navel). Stick 1 SOA onto each foot (2 fingers’ distance from the base of your 2nd toe, along the center line of the 2nd toe).

This SOA is programmed to help improve circulation of ‘qi’ and keep your energies warm for easing through the time of the month with grace and confidence!

Known as dysmenorrhea, menstrual pain or menstrual discomforts are how the body is communicating to you the imbalances that needs to be addressed. Some could be due to work stress, an unhealthy diet or perhaps a weaker constitution.

Common physical symptoms of menstrual discomforts can be associated with headaches, abdominal and lower back pain, fatigue, digestive bloating, acne, nausea, pain and tender breasts. Common emotional symptoms include anxiety, irritability and moodiness. 

Using the concept of Quantum TCM acupressure calibration, QuantumEasy’s Period Easy SOA seeks to balance one’s internal and external factors when it comes to period pain and discomforts. The goal is to not only provide you with a blanket remedy of pain relief through pills or any painkillers. Instead we believe that at quantum level, you can help tonify your ‘qi’ and aid any deficiency in your constitution to minimize the menstrual discomforts.

Our breakthrough technology of QuantumEasy Stick-On Apps(SOAs) adopts the science of quantum waves technology (QWT) & the methodology of holographic information programming (HIP).   

Period Easy SOA, once activated, calibrates & balances the Intrinsic Data Information (IDI) of the affected area (area of dis-ease), thereby facilitating the body to correct IDI of the affected area & heal by itself.

Recommended for: 

Anyone suffering from period cramps or would like to prevent cramps.

A pack includes: 12 times use (3 SOAs for each use; 3pcs x 12 times= 36pcs) 

Recommended usage of each SOA is 8-12hours, but its effects last as long as it’s activated


Why QuantumEasy is everyone’s No.1 Choice for their daily holistic lifestyle & success creations:

• All QuantumEasy Stick-On Apps(SOAs) are water resistant • Lab-tested safe for all ages • Non Transdermal • No pills, drugs, chemicals & no known side effects • Positive feedbacks worldwide • All SOAs are RoHS (Restricted Hazardous Substances) compliant • Our SOAs are premium holograms, unique & exclusive to the company • All SOAs are NCPST-Enabled (Non-Contamination Protection & Sealed Technique)

*Important things to note:

• Do not attempt to reuse a peeled off SOA, the effects of the SOA ceases once it’s peeled off. 

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