7 Crystal Chakra Set

7 Crystal Chakra Set


Regain your steering wheel of life with a Balanced Chakra System!

Crystals are Cleansed and Charged for Maximum Healing Energy and Protection!

How to use the 7 Crystal Chakra Set and Chakra Affirmation Chart:

The 7 Crystal Chakra Set is extremely helpful in Balancing & Revitalizing of your energy. The 7 crystals are all exclusively selected, cleansed and charged for maximum healing energy and protection. These powerful healing crystals will purify, cleanse, protect and seal your sacred space with positive and healing energies. The set can be used for crystal healing or meditation as well. Free Chakra Affirmation Chart and Daily Affirmation Card will be delivered together with the 7 Crystal Chakra Set. 

The set contains 7 stones that attune with the 7 basic chakras:

$7 will be donated with every sale of the chakra set to our designated charity: Autism Association (Singapore) (formerly know as “Autism Children’s Centre”) It provides early intervention programs for children aged 2-6 who have been diagnosed to be on the Autism spectrum.


  1. Place the bag of crystals in your hands and imagine white healing light surrounding you, and that you are protected and safe.
  2. Take out the Hematite and place it in your palm. Refer to the Chakra Affirmation Chart’s root chakra affirmation section, and read steps 1-5 aloud/in your mind.
  3. Place the Hematite aside and take Carnelian into your hands. Refer to the affirmation section of the sacral chakra, and read steps 1-5(or 6) aloud/in your mind.
  4. Continue the affirmations with the rest of the crystals in this order-Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye and Crown chakra.
  5. Keep these healing stones with you to balance & revitalise your energy. You can either keep them in your bag or your pocket.


Recommended usage:

-  Once in the Morning: We are usually the most refreshed in the mornings and are not pre-conditioned. Therefore, the effect of the affirmations will be the strongest.

-  Once at Night: Doing so will allow us to tune our subconsciousness to a positive state, balancing our chakras, allowing a more peaceful rest.

-  Whenever you feel down or are having low energy. 

How to use the Daily Affirmation Card:

  1. Place the bag of crystals in your hands (you may take the crystals out) and imagine white healing light surrounding you, and that you are protected and safe.
  2. Read steps 1 to 10 aloud/in your mind.
  3. The card can be kept in your bag, pocket or wallet.


Crystal Guide

Root Chakra


Stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory. Dissolves negativity and protects you against negative energies.


With strong curative powers and protective energies, the garnet grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work in harmony on the physical plane.


Sacral Chakra


Restores vitality and stimulates creativity, giving courage and motivates success. Overcomes negative conditions and motivates trust in yourself and others.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Adventurine

Great for mental and emotional clarity, problem-solving, memory issues, will power, optimism and confidence. Reduces anxiety, fear and depression.


Heart Chakra

Ruby Zoisite

An energy amplifier that can energise the entire aura. Improves circulation, quality of the blood, heart disorders, and boosts physical vitality.


Throat Chakra


Assists in working through disagreements and disputes, and aids in repairing damaged relationships. Beneficial in negotiations, diplomatic missions, arbitration and other forms of communication between disharmonious people.


3rd Eye Chakra


Filters out discouraging remarks that can sap energy and enthusiasm. Resolves quarrels, removing obsessions or addictions that cause problems in relationships.


Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz

Clears blockages, aids concentration, enhances memory and stimulates the immune system.

 7 Crystal Chakra Set


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