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Auralite-23 Crystal 'Live' Chakra Test-
Amazing Results in Seconds!

Auralite-23 Crystal 'Live' Chakra Test with Selina Seah

YOUR 1.2 Billion Years old GURU!

The Auralite crystal is at least 1.2 billion years old! Having all the divine energies from the universe infused in the amazing crystal, the Auralite-23 carries its unique and powerful vibrations. The Auralite-23 crystal connects readily with the person holding it.

It can help to heal you from your past pain and guide you towards paths and decisions that will keep you on the road to happiness.

This crystal helps to open your mind and spirit on deeper levels so that you can connect with your inner self more completely. By doing this, your inner self and outer self will work more in tune with each other to create a truer path in life for you.

Some sources refer to this crystal as the “crystal guru”, attesting to its wonderful and strong guiding powers. The Auralite crystal almost seems to function like a silent guiding “light” that helps in making the right choices in life.

Auralite 23 Products
The AuraChakra Company is the Importer & Exclusive Distributor of Auralite-23:
• Premium AAA+ quality
• Ethically hand-mined
• Direct from Source – Cave of Wonders, Ontario Canada 
• Activated & Supercharged*

**Our Auralite-23 Crystals undergo various rigorous Activation & Supercharging processes– a curated cleansing and Supercharged system exclusively formulated by The Aura Master and Energy Alchemist, to ensure the highest quality in the Vibrational Frequencies of all Auralite 23 crystals
Found in the “Cave of Wonders”, a remote location far north of the lake, this latest discovery is making waves in the world of healing and creating harmony with crystals.

The rare earth minerals that make up the basis of the Auralite crystal only adds to the mysterious levels of enhanced positive energy surrounding this crystal.
In the quest to seek balance both in the physical body and within the spiritual development level of an individual, many people have used the Auralite crystal with a lot of success. The Auralite works best with the upper chakras, but can also function as a bridge between the other chakras because of the sheer force of its natural, powerful and positive energy.

The Auralite-23 Crystal BALANCES and Brings HARMONY to ALL CHAKRAS!

The Auralite crystal is a beautiful stone that is said to be able to bring harmony and balance to all the chakras. This super-charged crystal is used in meditation and allows the user to delve deeper into the inner being, so that positive energy can be released in abundance.


The intensity of the auralite-23's energies can help to create positive developments in many different areas, such as in protection, positivity & abundance.

Other Properties Of Auralite-23

  • CALIBRATES the energy of an individual, unblocks & Charges ALL Chakras
  • RAISES the vibration of the user’s personal space, instantly resolves negativity in the placed arena. 
  • ATTRACTS positive energies & abundance
  • PROTECTS from Office Negativity, dispels fear, jealousy, anxiety from others and the user
  • CLEANSES & Boost Aura size, strengthening the user's protection and energy of influence
  • REMOVES the 'ticking clock', replacing it with space to breathe and relax, bringing opportunities for inner solitude.
  • TONES DOWN anger and cools hot tempers, it teaches the being to think before speaking or acting for the self, and towards others. This is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment.
  • TEACHES of making good use of knowledge, and integrating it into needful areas of the self, and into life itself.
  • BOOSTS communications and connections of the Angel awareness, as it is a stone that has an open channel to the Angelic Realms.
  • ALLEVIATES tension, headaches, eye strain; muscle discomfort and muscle spasms. It can also be of help to vascular health, bringing an improved function and healing.
  • SOOTHES nerves and anxiety, as well as helping to lower the trigger of panic attacks or to bring comfort during times of shock and distress.
  • CURES sleep disorders that are closely related to Insomnia, or where it is Insomnia alone, with no known cause.
  • SUPPORTS during meditation, astral travel, past life regression, and to the being that connects with spirit for the help of the self and of others.
  • CONNECTS to its keeper like a twin spirit. This stone teaches, "All is as One", reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences.

Certified by Siddha Doctors/Scientists & Healers

"I am amazed by the high vibration of the Auralite-23 crystal! It has very powerful energies to unblock your chakras and boost your aura!"

– Siddha Doctor & Selina Seah, The Energy Alchemist
"Auralite-23's energy can be felt at all chakras. When I pick up a piece of Auralite-23 at The AuraChakra Company and placed it near the heart center, I felt a rush of sweet current swirling in the chest spreading peace throughout. It definitely will make you feel very nice about yourself, strengthening your will further. It’s truly a WONDERFUL STONE!!!"

– Patricia En Healer, Counselor

Endorsed by International Celebrities

Recommended by Executives & Many More!

Auralite 23 Products


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