• Fast, fun & efficiently colour profile your clients!
• Aura Colour IDs to spark off conversations!
• Customised design based on your event theme!

The AuraChakra Corporate brings you Acclaimed Aura Reading/Colour Personality Profiling to Your Doorsteps!

Events are meant to be the platform by which people from all walks of life come together to ENGAGE, EMPOWER and ENJOY. With social media and a multitude of online events today, the definition of ‘going’ to an event has truly been REDEFINED.
To truly differentiate the ENERGY of a life event versus a cheaper and more convenient online event, is the EXPERIENCE. Gorgeous setups, Perfect Music, Best Foods, Great Entertainment ARE all awesome and undeniably the backbone of any successful event.
But, what shifts a successful event into a Smash-Hit event with clients raving about it, sharing about and remembering it… is the experience of having to have their invisible energies, their auras shown and read to them by the World's No.1 Aura Master in Singapore.
There is always a magical and mystical vibe about the mention of Auras, it adds a very special dimension to any event, afterall...luxury brands and celebrities are all catching up on it and hyping about their auras and colours.
Imagine, the ability to bring in such high level mystic, but packaged in such a professional and scientific way where your guests will feel so comfortable and excited to hear and see their very own aura profile in just a matter of seconds.
The fact that the reading is done by Renowned Best-Selling Author and Aura Master –Selina Seah, is an added bonus and the aura expert for the event.
Selina Seah has done aura readings for celebrities, fortune 500 leaders, political leaders and over 30 000 readings worldwide.

Celebrities & Influencers with Selina Seah

"Thank you for the wonderful aura energy reading session & your concept of Aura-Fragrance reference. Many of my guests thoroughly enjoyed it."

– Heng Hui Qi
Marketing Manager, LUXASIA

All Time Favourite for your Guests

Call us at (65) 9889 4432 or drop us an email at vincent@theninthconcepts.com now for a non obligatory quotation! We’d love to help you achieve your best event yet! 

Recent Corporate Events

About World's No.1 Aura Master

Selina Seah's Media Appearances
Click here to learn more about Selina Seah!

We Customise According to Your Event Theme

1. Customisation for Product Launch or Promotion

Excellent for product launch events, promotional events & anniversaries!

Laneige Product Launch Event

2. Customisation for Team Building & Recruitment: BioEnergy Type Indicator (BETI)

Our BioEnergy Type Indicator (BETI) system instantly profiles the personality & emotional aspect of your team to help you better understand and align them for maximum success. Research has also shown that happier & more connected employees helps with keeping the team more competitive, boosts their bottom line & minimize any possible disruption.


Team Building

Our flexible seminars are customised to each company’s goals for their team. The seminars often involve fun, engaging activities to allow the company’s team to better understand their strengths & weaknesses– teaching the team to master their energies and emotions for the team’s success. 

Unleash Your Success Seminar for MapleTree Investment Group


Recruitment Event/Seminar

The BETI greatly improves the recuitment process: We are able to efficiently cater to the employee’s goals by filtering possible employees based on their emotional capabilities & personality profile within seconds. 

Recruitment Seminar for Prudential Insurance Singapore

Call us at +65 6449 9959 or drop us an email at theaurachakracompany@gmail.com now for a non obligatory quotation! We’d love to help you achieve your best event yet! 

How It Works

4 Easy Steps For a Fun & Engaging Event

Engaging Props For Clients

1. Aura Colour IDs

The aura card ID is an excellent way to know and share each other’s colours. There is the full list of aura colours and their descriptions at the back of each card for your cilents to refer to.  

2. Customised Aura Report (optional)

A comprehensive report that will give you much insight to yourself! It covers your personality, enery levels and much, much more!

3. Aura Colour Stand Up Frame (optional)

The perfect stand up frame for guests & clients to take pictures in! The main 7 colours will be provided, customised to your company’s theme!

4. Aura Colour Hold Up Frame (optional)

A wonderful hold up frame for your clients! All colours will be provided, customised to your company’s theme!

5. Aura Colour Hold Up Signage (optional)

A great way to add a dash of colour to your clients’ photos! All colours will be provided, customised to your company’s theme!

For any customisation, please drop us an email at vincent@theninthconcepts.com/call us at (65) 9889 4432. We’d love to help you achieve your best event yet! 

Why are we your preferred partner for an amazing & highly-raved event 

Long queues at Luxasia's event

Our Clients

Call us at +65 6449 9959 or drop us an email at theaurachakracompany@gmail.com now for a non obligatory quotation! We’d love to help you achieve your best event yet! 

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