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NEW! Quantum-Charged Smudge Spritz

Purify & usher Prosperity for yourself & your environment with our Scent-sational Smudge Spritzs, Quantum-Charged for lasting positivity & energies!

The art of cleansing, driving away negative energies for yourself or your environment using rituals and ceremonies are NOT air fairy New Age gimmicks!
We are much more than the 3D physical body, our homes and offices are not just plain physical matter. We are all living in a Vibrational world of Energies.
Invisible energies, but also very Invincible.
We know how uplifting it feels whenever we do a spring clean of our homes. However, what about our emotional and energetic ‘garbage’ that we may have accumulated overt time?
Clearing and blessing your space energetically can help banish stress, give you energy, heal you and even attract love into your life.
For thousands of years, Native Americans have burned sacred plants in a bowl or on a stick to drive away Negative energies and restore balance.
Today, this form of wafting smoke from burning herbs – smudging, is becoming more and more common as a modern day practice. Many City Highfliers are using smudging to improve their success, luck and even to sell their apartments!
But for you ‘smudgers’ out there… you know how it is like – the Full Production of that perfect smudge ritual encapsulation in one word would be “Smoke”, lots of Smoke! You smoke out those bad, sticky negative vibes, but you also get ‘smoked’ in the process. Some children get very sensitive with the smell and smoke!

Down-sides of Smudging

  • Smoky

  • Messy as ash falls everywhere

  • hard to store for long as bugs will grow

  • Inconvenient for public areas like office

So our founder, Selina Seah, The Aura Master has specially formulated and alchemized the perfect cleansing and detox solution for you – The all New “Smudge spritz” has all the potent powers of smudging and much more in just a spritz, and without the Smoke!
You are now just a Spritz away for the instant shift of Quantum-Charged HVF Energies for your Home and Office!
The all New “Smudge spritz” has all the potent powers of smudging and more in just a spritz, and without the Smoke & Fuzz!
Spring cleaning, space clearing and personal cleansing will now be instant, simple, safe and spritz-y!

New! Quantum-Charged Spritz Set

New! Now every bottle of HVF Smudge Spritz has a QuantumEasy's State-of-the-art Stick-On-App (SOA) to constantly recharge the contents of the bottle for as long as the SOA is on! 

Our smudge spirtz gems are great companions for performing a huge variety of blessings, cleansing and rituals. Use it as often as you wish, like the way you’d sanitize your hands!
Give a generous spritz around your home or office for instant cleansing, protection, good energies and positivity!

  • Smoke & fuss free!

    Great for families with children and those who dislike smoke in general. Simply spray around the desired area for an instant cleanse!
  • Travel-Friendly

    Packed in 100ml bottles, it’s easy to carry the spritz everywhere for instant cleansing and prosperity!
  • Highly-convenient & discreet

    With our smudge spritz series, you can spray it around your office without questioning looks from your colleagues and spray the protection around your home without activating the smoke alarm.
  • Designed for busy people with maximum effect

    Our smudge spirtz aren’t just nice-smelling liquid ‘smudges’. Each and every bottle has been ‘potentized’ by the elements of the 9 planets through the Navapashanam programming. It calls for strong alchemical benefits such as:
    • Transforms our inner-self and increases the ability to absorb and retain energy to fight the diseases in our body.
    • Activating the flow of energy within the environment and allow the inflow of positive energy of abundance into your office and home.
    • Awakens the Self to balance all energy centres.
    • Transmute negative energy into positive energy.
    • Opens your heart for loving relationships
 The strength of each spritz is also charged up by the energy and healing affirmations from a crystal to be a generator and amplifier of your smudge spritz.

Purification Smudge Spritz (150ml)

– Your negativity buster –
Removes • Repairs • Restores

This potent “Energy Dettol” banishes any signs of negativity and stuck energies. Feel your space shift instantly to a cleaner, higher and more uplifting vibe in just one spritz.
This purification potion is the perfect negativity detox after an argument, when you shift into a new house/office and a good space cleanser just before a meditation.

Frankincense, Lime, Lemon, Sage, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Alcohol.
Refreshing, rejuvenating & grounding with a slightly warm, spicy attitude. 
*Shake Well before Use
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Prosperity Smudge Spritz (150ml)

– Your Prosperity Accelerator –
Generates. Grows. Glows

Your Prosperity Programming. Feel the burst of 'Yang' energy and positive vibes energizing your space in just one spritz. Enter into a state of Prosperity with this invigorating potion. Use it to inspire new ideas and attract good rewards. Your abundance amplifier whenever you need it.

Mandarin, Bergamot, Basil, Spearmint, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Witch Hazel, Distilled Water, Alcohol.
Light, summery, fruity and warm with a gentle soothing touch, just like a summer's breeze.

*Shake Well before Use
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You will benefit greatly from space cleansing if you say ‘yes’ to the following:

  • Just moved house?

  • Often feel unfocused or tired in a place?

  • Had an argument?

  • An illness occurred in the family?

  • Went through a divorce or break-up?

  • Recently bought an antique or second-hand item?

  • Desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning



  • How many pumps per Spritz bottle?

    Each bottle of 150ml can be used for up to 2,250 sprays.
  • I already have HVF Energizers (Aura Energizer etc), what’s the difference btw HVF Energizers & Spritz?

    HVF Energizers are essential oil based, more  condensed, more suited for usage on body and your personal energetic field.
    Spritz are for space, excellent for cleansing and charging large areas. Alcohol is included to allow the Spritz' scent to last longer in your space.

Excellent feedback from our customers:

“The energies of the Spritz are so different from the HVFs! I've been using HVFs since last year, loved them so much that I instantly bought the Spritz set! And I immediately loved the Spritz set!

Excellent for cleansing my office, I used to smudge it once a month, but as smudging leaves a smoky smell after, I have switched to the Spritz and now I use them whenever I can! Sometimes even a few times a day! They're so convenient- I love them so much!"
– Jim T. (Entrepreneur)

"A must-have for all home/office owners- I always spray the spritz in the real-estates before showing potential buyers- much easier to sell when they feel better in the space."
– Jen (Real-Estate)

"My boys love them! They focus better after spraying in their rooms & this greatly helps to keep a more harmonious home when everyone is stuck in the house."
– Jen (Real-Estate)

“I find it easier to finish my projects when I use the spritz- great to uplift my energies anytime I feel stuck, or had a meeting with some draining colleagues. ”
– T. Tan (Marketing)

“My client had a frozen hand despite my physiotherapy sessions- I figured it's not physically-related & sprayed purification spritz on her... & her hand could move a lot better afterwards! Highly recommended for cleaning all negativity- my office uses it regularly.”
– C. S (Physiotherapist)

“The Spritz are awesome! I love the scent of the Spritz, and just after 1 spray, my room feels lighter instantly!”
– River Chen (Executive Designer)

“Thank you for this highly efficient Spritz set! My Chinese New Year cleaning has gotten so much easier, and the kids love the scent!”
– Tze Ling (Mother of 2)

You asked, we delivered!
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