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The High Vibrational Frequency (HVF) EnerTherapy is an Exclusive Therapy system that aims to help modern day busy people achieve a more relaxed, energized and focused state within a short amount of time.
Our HVF EnerTherapy consists of a combination of  balancing music and high frequency solutions– thus invoking and harmonizing your five senses and your energetic system.
Most busy people find themselves handling a lot of things all at once– and what we often do not realise is that our multi-tasking lifestyle can make our energies very scattered.

When we have scattered energies, it will be difficult to achieve the best results one can hope for– be it productivity or efficiency, it will most likely be less than satisfatory. 
Cleanse & Charge

Indulge in the scents of our High Vibrational Frequency Energizers– helps to instantly cleanse your energies and boost your vibrations.

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Music therapy

The balancing music therapy helps you to reconnect to your energies. Be soothed and let the music therapy bring your conscious to a deeper state of relaxation.
Connect  & Supercharge

Be in touch with Auralite-23 crystal, the 1.2 Billion Year old Guru of Awakening. it has 23 minerals to help maximize your intentions and affirmations.
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Believe & Affirm
Connect to the powerful affirmations! Bring your focus back to your energies and affirm the power they have.
Hydrate & Rejuvenate

The final step is to simply hydrate yourself and feel rejuvenated!
Chakra Energizing Therapy (20mins)

Whether you're having a stressful day, fatigued or just feeling out-of-balance, the Chakra Energizing Therapy will engage & balance all of your chakras, leaving you refreshed and recharged for any challenges to come!
Self-Love Therapy (6mins)

The Self-Love therapy is excellent when you would like an extra dosage of self-love, whether be it after a heart-break or a heart to heart counselling session with a loved one– This therapy is a quick and efficient way to feel more loved and connected!
Personal Power Therapy (20mins)

If you have a confidence issue or simply lack the motivation to achieve your desired success, the Personal Power Therapy is excellent for you! This therapy unblocks and boosts the solar plexus chakra– the best way to get your “Superman” mode on instantly!
Digital Detox Therapy (20mins)

The constant bombardment of digital media can create an imbalance in our mental state of mind- most common symptoms are headaches, eye-strain & lack of focus.  Immerse yourself in the Digital Detox Therapy– Disconnecting you from the media to connect you back to your energies.
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22-page BioEnergy Report
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The Success DNA
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The Invisible Power
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