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Graham Bibby (CEO/CIO Richmond Asset Management, Investment Guru, Best-selling Author & Regular CNBC /Bloomberg contributor)
Jason Chee Manhunt winner, Gym owner and model on Selina's intuitive
Jason Chee (International Fitness Model, Champion of Search Physique War 2015, Winner of Manhunt Singapore 2012)
AURA ENERGIZER's testimonial by revered Siddha Doctor and Alchemist
Testimonial by Revered Siddha Doctor and Alchemist
"I've been using the HVF Energizers for years and bring them wherever i go! They are excellent for grounding, cleansing, protection against negative energies & recharging my energies within seconds! They're a 'must-have' for anyone who desires great energies for greater success!"

Janice Tan (Illustrator & Graphic Designer)
"I always have them in my pocket. You feel purified and protected and free of negative influences… Gives you that extra advantage you need to get into that next level… The HVF Energizers have pumped-up my energy level and changed my life…"

Graham Bibby (CEO/CIO Richmond Asset Management, Investment Guru, Best-selling Author & Regular CNBC /Bloomberg contributor)
“The HVF Energizers is something to reckon with! It heightened my aura, provides clarity & focus!”

Jason Chee (International Fitness Model, Champion of Search Physique War 2015, Winner of Manhunt Singapore 2012)
"I truly certify that HVF Energizers is made of pure essence and has very powerful energies to clear blockages and illuminate your aura instantly!"

Dr Chandrakanth (Siddha Doctor, Alchemist)
“The HVF Energizers always gave me a boost of confidence before going onto stage! A ‘must buy item’!”

Cynthia Koh (International Celebrity & Entrepreneur)
"I love mixing the HVF Energizers in my bath soak after a long day's work! I especially love Aura Energizer- the scent's so refreshing and always 'perks' me up no matter how tired i am! The HVF Energizers are also great as gifts, my friends love them too!"

Trish (Finance Executive)
“Ever since using the HVF Energizers, I have been feeling more energized"

Nazir (Sales Executive)
“Been a long time customer at The AuraChakra Company. I purchased the full set of High Vibrational Frequency (HVFs) Energizers and ever since I've never stopped using because it worked! Got perfectly balanced chakras and an Aura Size of 90% after using the HVFs during my first EneTherapy Session! You can experience it too!

Jacqueline Yah (Financial Consultant)
“I definitely see a huge improvement in all areas of my life- sleep, work, positivity…etc, after using the HVF Energizers!”

Ellyn (Administration)
“After using the HVF Energizers, I feel great & have more energy everyday. I have more confidence during work as well! Great purchase!"

Kevin Goh (Sales & Marketing Executive)
"After the first time trying this, I felt the energy replenishing from bottom to top and my senses were awakened. A very soothing scent that calms my nerves too!"

William (Public Servant)
Aura Energizer helped me to increase my aura size from 60% to 90%!

 Dishan (Banker)
"I always have fear and anxiety especially in the morning at the office. But after my experience with your Protection oil, the feeling was phenomenal!. It calm me down immediately and I feel confident or should I say protected when I'm at work. Great stuff!"
- Ailing Ng (Administration)

"The most amazing next big thing is this. I had bought HVF Energizers and when I did a second reading 1 month later, I was blown away by the huge improvement of my energy & my Aura Size. The HVFs are a ‘must buy item’ for anyone who wants to work on their energies and improve their lives!"
- Lucy Theodas (Social worker)

It is such a blessing when I came to know about the Aura Energizer! It’s an oil that has high vibration that lifted my energy and throughout the day, I will make sure to have it with me!
- Kharen Polian (Homemaker)

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