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What is High Vibrational Frequncy(HVF) Energizers?

Our Best-Selling High Vibrational Frequency(HVF) Energizers are an exclusive alchemical formula created by The Energy Alchemist with the purest & finest essential oils powered with crystal energies & power affirmations.

The vibrational frequencies of our HVF Energizers are proven by Scientists to be hundreds of times higher than the normal pure essential oils. 
Our High Vibrational Frequency (HVF) Energizers are formulated with only- The purest, exclusively selected premium quality essential oils sourced from all over the world. Only the best quality oils can produce high vibrations and positive energies. 

New! Now Enhanced & Improved In Performance With Quantum Waves Technology!

New! Now every bottle of HVF has a QuantumEasy's State-of-the-art Stick-On-App (SOA) to constantly recharge the contents of the bottle for as long as the SOA is on! 

How do HVF Energizers work?

Most people do not realize that they have a 'second skin'-an energy skin that protects and shields their energy system just as physical skin protects their inner organs.

Like physical skin, the aura is permeated with natural disease-fighting chemistry, and it hosts the sensory communications of the nervous system. This second skin is the boundary between your personal energy system and the energy of your environment.
This energy skin is your aura.
Every living being has an aura.

Your aura, when its strong acts as a protective shield.  When fragile or damaged it can leave you drained, unwell and feeling disconnected from yourself.
Due to their high vibrations, our High Vibrational Frequency Energizers helps to

Instantly Cleanse Your Energies
And Boost Your Vibrations

Who is the HVF Energizers for?

And Everyone aiming to
Achieve more Greatness in life!

Daily Power Kit

Day Warrior & Night Healer for your daily abundance!

For Your Daily Dose of Positivity & Supercharged Energies!

Charged and Programmed with Healing Crystals and Affirmations for optimum cleansing, protection and healing. The Aura Energizer is a powerful yet gentle blend helps to raise your vibration and energize your aura.

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Heals Your Heart Chakra while you sleep for greater Self-Love & Positive Affirmation

Charged and Programmed with Healing Crystals and Affirmations for optimum protection, healing and abundance. Packed with healing properties, this precious blend unblocks and heals any emotional blockages, soothing the soul.

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You may also download the E-Brochure + Instructions of Heart Energizer here!


Supercharge your Wealth, Charisma & Protection!

Instantly Manifest and Accelerate Your Wealth & Abundance

A Rich blend specially formulated to create high vibrations of wealth and abundance. Energize, influence and impact your aura with this rich scent to attract and manifest your abundance today.

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You may also download the E-Brochure + Instructions of Wealth Energizer here!


Instantly Accelerate Your Attraction & Charismatic Energies

Indulge in this alluring concoction created to boost attraction and enhance relationships. The vibrations of the oil works well in increasing self confidence, popularity and charisma. A beautiful and sensual aroma to enjoy anytime.

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You may also download the E-Brochure + Instructions of Charisma & Love Energizer here!


For Maximum Protection & Instant Shielding of Negative energies

A powerful formula to dispel negativity, fear & anxiety. This oil also works to block psychic attacks, shielding you from various forms of negativity to bring back a sense of security, peace & confidence.

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You may also download the E-Brochure + Instructions of Protection & Grounding Energizer here!

Limited Edition! The Ultimate Supercharger Powered With Navapashanam

Supercharge & Magnetize Your Prosperity & Abundance For Your Best Year Yet!

A Limited Edition formulation by The Energy Alchemist powered by Quantum Waves Technology & Navapashanam Elixir to attract & magnetize high vibrational energies of happiness, abundance & prosperity into your life. 

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HVF Gold Series are now available!

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"I always have them in my pocket. You feel purified and protected and free of negative influences… Gives you that extra advantage you need to get into that next level… The HVF Energizers have pumped-up my energy level and changed my life…"

Graham Bibby (CEO/CIO Richmond Asset Management, Investment Guru, Best-selling Author & Regular CNBC /Bloomberg contributor)
“The HVF Energizers is something to be reckoned with! It heightened my aura, provides clarity & focus!”

Jason Chee (International Fitness Model, Celebrity Personal Trainer)
"I always have fear and anxiety especially in the morning at the office. But after my experience with your Protection oil, the feeling was phenomenal!. It calm me down immediately and I feel confident or should I say protected when I'm at work. Great stuff!"
- Ailing Ng (Administration)

"The most amazing next big thing is this. I had bought HVF Energizers and when I did a second reading 1 month later, I was blown away by the huge improvement of my energy & my Aura Size. The HVFs are a ‘must buy item’ for anyone who wants to work on their energies and improve their lives!"
- Lucy Theodas (Social worker)

It is such a blessing when I came to know about the Aura Energizer! It’s an oil that has high vibration that lifted my energy and throughout the day, I will make sure to have it with me!
- Kharen Polian (Homemaker)
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